Steam Packet saleStaff face losing jobs if they don’t 

MHKs have criticised the Steam Packet Company for telling its staff they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t sign new contracts.

The new terms involve staff living on board vessels for up to two weeks at a time.

Nautilus International – a union which represents 48 of the Steam Packet’s 70 officers – says the Steam Packet is ambivalent towards its staff’s work life balance.

Tim Glover, Jason Moorhouse and Rob Callister say they’ve all contacted government ministers individually.

Tim Glover says he’s worried about a loss of experience and local jobs, and is calling on the Treasury Minister to intervene:

Jason Moorhouse says the Steam Packet Company’s management have “hit a new low”, and is calling on the Steam Packet Board to reassess the decision:

Rob Callister says issuing the letter so close to Christmas is “very poor timing”, and is calling for all parties to continue round table discussions:

The Steam Packet Company says its actions have been legal and proportionate.

On Friday afternoon, the Company said it was ready to reach an amicable solution to industrial action.

The Government bought the Steam Packet Company in 2018 and it is operated at “arm’s length”.