Election Blog“Outside Interference & Pressures” up to Sunday 14th August 2016

Friday 12th August
Still woke up feeling extremely tired and stressed today, but I was still up and about for 6.30am, checked the usual websites and social media. Completed my paper round and managed to get into the office for 8.25am.

Thereafter it was just a normal Friday, Sausage Bap and mug of coffee at 10am and spent my lunchtime making slight changes to my manifesto.

Arrive home at 17.40 and quickly put together some information packs, along with sending out several election posters

Spent the rest of the evening watching the Olympics…

Saturday 13th August
Up and about for 7am, so I took the opportunity to write this week’s blog.

Still tired after a stressful week, so I took some time away from the Campaign trail and went to the Royal Show at Knockaloe Farm, Patrick with Ellen and my mum.

After the show we called into the MSPCA for something to eat and to see the animals.

Arrived home for 2pm, fitted the new part to my lawnmower, it works a dream, so I cut the grass, which was about 4inches high.

I spent the rest of Saturday researching and going through my manifesto notes and watching some of the Olympics.

Sunday 14th August
Up and about for 6am, so I took the opportunity to finish writing this week’s blog.

With no canvassing today I put on my trainers and went for a walk this morning. Only about six miles into and around Onchan village before heading home in just under 90 minutes. I always feel at my most relaxed when I am out walking with my headphones on listening to music. It also gives me a chance to think things through.

I also delivered the remaining 15 letters of introduction as I walked around the village.

I spent a few hours reading and researching election items as I am not 100% sure that my manifesto has the right tone, input and topics at the moment.

I guess this week can be described as a quiet week in respect of the election campaign but a stressful one as an Onchan Commissioner. Still enough time to put my feet up before another week starts tomorrow.

Just waiting for the Manx Missile to enter the Olympics – can he win a gold metal? I am not 100% confident.