A deal between television production company North One and TCB Sport Media Agency could help to promote the TT and the Isle of Man in general.

That’s what the Department for Enterprise hopes.

While Greenlight TV now films the TT under a government contract, North One has to market, sell and distribute the coverage.

This is handled by North One itself, for the major markets and TCB will handle this in the smaller markets.

In January, North One lost the contract to film the TT to Greenlight.

Rob Callister MHK, member of with responsibility for motorsport, said: ’North One distributes to its major markets and has historically contracted another organisation (until recently Duke Marketing did this) in the smaller markets, TCB are now fulfilling this role.’

The Department for Enterprise’s director of motorsport, David Morter, said it was partly about marketing the Isle of Man generally.

’We want to promote the TT and sell the Isle of Man as a destination,’ he said, adding that Greenlight now had the contract to film the event and produce the television programmes.

’North One handles the bigger markets, like the UK, North America, Europe and Australia. They will then have a separate contract with TCB who will be handling the smaller markets like some of the African countries, Japan, and wherever they can,’ he said.

Last year’s television coverage reached a global audience of around 30 million people and had generated a direct revenue for government of around £650,000, he said, with North One operating on a commission basis.

’There are other benefits as well in promoting the island as a holiday destination,’ he said.

’Particularly this year when there were lap recods being broken and people could see the island basking in sunshine.’

TCB’s deal with North One includes international distribution rights for the TT coverage from 2019 upto the end pof 2023. The deal also includes distribution rights for the so-called Classic TT which runs alongside the Manx Grand Prix in August.

Source: IoM Today