Speech on Bishop’s Vote – March 24 – Keys

Bishop of Isle of ManThank you Mr. Speaker 

Firstly, can I take this opportunity to thank those Hon Members that supported my adjournment request back in December 2023, which allowed this draft legislation to go through a full and proper public consultation.  

The findings of that consultation have now been presented back to Hon. Members for further consideration.  

However, simply laying the report or receiving the report is not sufficient in my opinion. 

It was my full intention to bring this report before the House […]

March 2024 – Speech on Electoral Commission Review of Constituency Boundaries

Thank you Mr President 

I would like to start by thanking the Electoral Commission for their latest report, and for their previous reports on the review of Constituency Boundaries and other electoral matters relating to the House of Keys General Elections. 

The task before the Electoral Commission was broad and difficult, and having followed their work very closely over the past 11 years, I do sometimes feel that the Electoral Commission are trying to put square pegs into round holes at times….

…but this shouldn’t be seen […]

December 2023 – Speech on Homelessness Strategy

Housing developmentThank you Mr President

I thank the Chairman of the Housing and Communities Board for its Homelessness Strategy (2023-28) report. 

As I mentioned in October, becoming homeless, or even the fear that this could potentially occur to someone is one of the most difficult experiences that can happen to any individual or a family on the island. 

I do appreciate the publication of this report by the Board, but I am not entirely sure that this homelessness strategy actually sets out a comprehensive and clear plan […]

November 2023 – Tynwald – Speech on the OFSTED Report, Children’s Social Services

Thank you Mr President,

As Hon Members of this Court, we have to work our way through a considerable amount of reading material, most of which is relatively straightforward, but on a rare occasion there are papers, documents or Committee reports that make you pause, reflect and seriously consider their contents. 

There are also certain reports and discussion points that shouldn’t by-pass this Honourable Court without due consideration or without a single word being spoken, and the recent Ofsted Inspection report into the Isle of Man Children’s Social […]

December 2023 – Speech on Bishop’s Vote

Bishop of Isle of ManThank you Mr. Speaker 

In accordance with Standing Order 3.29, I would like to move an adjournment in respect of the Isle of Man Constitution Bill 2023…..until such time that this draft legislation has gone through a full and proper public consultation…

….and the findings of that consultation have been presented back to this Hon House for further consideration. 

My reason for moving this adjournment is due to the fact that since the Honourable Member for Ramsey obtained permission from this House in […]

November 2023 – Tynwald – Speech on Visitor Experience

Visit Isle of ManThank you Mr President 

Happy to second, in order to ensure that we do have this very important debate on tourism and the visitor experience – but I am not entirely sure at this moment in the time if I will be supporting the motion on the Order Paper…. 

The Hon Member for Arbory, Castletown and Malew, Mr Moorhouse moving the motion is asking that Tynwald is of the opinion that the visitor experience on the Isle of Man should be improved, and that the […]

Motion – November sitting of House of Keys (Bishop’s Vote)

Thank you Mr Speaker 

I am somewhat surprised that we are here yet again discussing the removal of the Lord Bishop’s right to vote in Tynwald and Legislative Council, especially when this item was only discussed in June this year. 

The Hon Member for Ramsey as the current Minister for Health and Social Care for the Isle of Man is no doubt fully aware that his Department and Manx Care are currently facing some serious issues around recruitment, retention and from a financial point of view. 

The […]

Motion to move Assisted Dying into the Bill Committee

assisted dyingThank you Mr Speaker   

I think it is important that I outline very clearly, both to mover of the Bill and to Hon Members of this House that it is not my intention by moving this Motion today to put this very important piece of draft legislation into the political long grass, especially after a very emotional, respectful and an exceptionally high quality debate last week on Assisted Dying, which lasted over five hours. 

I certainly won’t be repeating the speech that I made last week, and […]

Speech on Assisted Dying Bill 2023

assisted dying

Thank you Mr Speaker 

The private Member’s Bill being promoted by the Hon Member for Ramsey, Dr Allinson is a modest Bill with only 14 Clauses, but it is one that needs to be very carefully thought through. 

We know that England and Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands are all looking at introducing legislation on Assisted Dying, and most of them are still at a very early stage, other than our colleagues in Jersey who in November 2021 became the first Parliament in the […]


hospitalThank you Mr President,

Our ‘Island Plan’ has an objective to “address how waiting times and access to health and social care services can be improved as a priority” – and this motion for consideration here today directly supports that goal.

Manx Care inherited a significant waiting list backlog across all inpatient, day-case and outpatient specialties. 

These waiting lists were prolonged by the impact of Covid-19 with most specialties reporting more than a 52 week wait for both inpatient surgeries and outpatient appointments. 

I’m sure that many of […]

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