Plans for a new housing development in the centre of the Isle of Man’s capital have been approved.

The Manx Development Corporation’s (MDC) proposals are for 133 new homes on an existing brownfield site in Douglas.

The project known as Westmoreland Village covers Westmoreland Road and Demesne Road.

It also includes public spaces, retail units and elderly living accommodation.

The plans also include the refurbishment of Crookall House to create office space.

Planners gave proposals the green light earlier despite a number of concerns over parking provision in the area.

The number of spaces proposed for the development had been reduced from 214 to 89.

A number of committee members echoed concerns about the already limited parking in the area, stating it did not meet the requirements of the Area Plan for the East.

However MDC representatives said the project was designed to encourage active travel and use of public transport.

Its central location would give residents easy access to local amenities, the company said.

The hearing was told there was flexibility within the eastern area plan and the level of parking was acceptable to the highways division of the Department of Infrastructure.

Despite reservations about parking, committee chairman Rob Callister cast the deciding vote to approve the plans.

The MDC was set-up by the government to redevelop urban and brownfield areas.

Giving evidence at the hearing managing director Dane Harrop said it was a “sustainable brownfield development” that replaced “deteriorating” buildings with “highly energy efficient” homes.

The project would “rejuvenate” an under-utilised part of the city, he added.