assisted dyingMHKs to consider amendment at next week’s House of Keys sitting

Politicians will consider a range of proposed changes to the Assisted Dying Bill, including name changes, an increased residency requirement and for the law not to be brought into force until 2027.

A raft of suggested changes have been put forward by several MHKs ahead of the clauses stage of the bill being considered in next week’s sitting of the House of Keys.

Kate Lord-Brennan and Rob Callister will both put forward alternative names for the legislation – Ms Lord-Brennan suggests it be called the End of Natural Life Choice Act, while Mr Callister will ask for it to be called the Assisted Dying and Voluntary Euthanasia Act.

Ms Lord-Brennan also wants to add another clause that would require assisted dying to be delivered under licence by a registered charity, without workers from Manx Care being able to provide services to those charities.

Lawrie Hooper will also suggest a new clause, asking for those intending to exercise functions under the act to be registered with the Department of Health and Social Care, and for the department to maintain a register of those who notify.

Chris Thomas wants to delay the proposed introduction of the act. Alex Allinson, the mover of the bill, previously indicated the legislation could come into force next year, but Mr Thomas is asking for it not to be introduced before 2027 or until at least a year after the Capacity Act comes into force – whichever is later.

Currently, it’s proposed only those expected to die from a terminal illness within six months can seek an assisted death, but Mr Hooper wants to change that to 12 months.

There’s also a suggested change to the residential requirement, with Mr Callister asking for it to be increased from one year to five before someone is eligible for an assisted death.

The amendments will be considered when the House of Keys sits on Tuesday at 10am.