MU and Manx Gas relationship ‘fine’ says chair

2022-08-12T11:24:19+01:0029 April 2022|

manx gas bbc imageDespite energy provider owing millions

Manx Utilities says its relationship with Manx Gas is ‘fine’ despite the energy provider cancelling more than £2 million of ‘inward payments’ to it just before Christmas.

Information released as part of a Freedom of Information […]

MHK rejects energy supplier regulations

2022-08-12T11:26:35+01:0028 March 2022|

Rob CallisterAll members voted in favour except the Onchan MHK

The only MHK to vote against allowing Manx Gas to set its own tariffs and remove a price freeze says he did so because it was in the best interests of his […]

Standoff over delay to Manx Gas rebate

2022-08-12T11:34:39+01:0021 February 2022|

energy centreGovernment blames Manx Gas and vice versa

There’s still a standoff between Manx Gas and the government over whose fault the delay to a rebate was.

Yesterday it was confirmed thousands of customers would get £58 off their bills within the coming weeks […]

Gas customer rebates expected ‘in the coming weeks’

2022-08-12T11:34:52+01:0021 February 2022|

gasBinding contract now signed between Manx Gas and MUA

Government says ‘thousands’ of gas customers will receive a £58 rebate on their bills ‘within the coming weeks’.

The move was announced last year following a decision to reduce the amount Manx Gas pays Manx Utilities […]

Manx Gas Wanted Much Bigger Increase

2022-08-12T11:43:04+01:0023 October 2021|

While islanders are facing a mountainous gas price hike this winter, MHKs have revealed that it could’ve been much worse.

Tynwald yesterday backed the recommendation of the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority to increase the price cap by 2.1 pence per unit of gas (27.5%). This, Manx Gas says, allows it to […]

Tynwald votes to end Manx Gas deal

2022-08-12T12:03:19+01:0018 June 2020|

Manx Gas will be given notice at the end of this month to end its controversial regulatory deal with government.

The move came following a motion tabled by ousted minister Chris Thomas who was unsuccessful in getting a new voluntary agreement after […]

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