Plans for new ‘robot’ pharmacy on the Isle of Man rejected

2024-02-27T12:53:27+00:0027 February 2024|

Proposals to operate a ‘robotic’ retail pharmaceutical business from an industrial estate unit have been rejected by the planning committee by the narrowest of margins.

Island-based pharmaceutical company Kingsley Muti Ltd has a wholesale warehouse on the Balthane Industrial Estate […]

We don’t exempt prescriptions based on the drug

2022-08-12T14:35:54+01:007 July 2019|

Exemptions from prescription charges are based on a condition or illness, rather than the drug involved, Health Minister David Ashford has stated.

He made the clarification in response to a House of Keys question about whether a drug that is used to […]

Island will do more to recoup prescription costs

2022-08-12T15:16:56+01:009 May 2018|

Prescription costs are set to rise on the island soon, but since only 10% of prescriptions are paid for, could more be done to help the Manx health system?

A reader, who asked to remain anonymous, contacted the Manx Independent because of his concern that little seemed to be done to try […]

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