MU working with landowners to identify new sewage sites

2022-08-12T11:23:42+01:007 May 2022|

Sewage treatmentBut is Glenfaba House being considered again?

Manx Utilities says it’s continuing to work with landowners and stakeholders to identify new sites for proposed sewage treatment plants.

It’s purchased a number of sites in the west and east of the Island.

Chair Rob […]

MUA approaching final phase of sewage treatment strategy

2022-08-12T11:23:56+01:006 May 2022|

Rob CallisterThe Manx Utilities Authority is approaching the final phase of its Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy.

MUA Chair, Rob Callister, says work continues with local stakeholders and landowners to identify sites for stations in Garff and Peel, with the ambition of completing […]

‘Adjust sewerage bills’

2022-08-12T11:33:24+01:0016 February 2022|

Chris Thomas MHKA MHK feels Manx Utilities should adjust bills for water and sewerage to make up for the ’unfair’ difference in treatment of residents across the island by other rating bodies.

Chris Thomas, MHK for Douglas Central, asked the chair of […]

Detailed look at sewerage strategy for Peel Tynwald debate

2022-08-12T15:13:01+01:0021 May 2018|

Scheme could cost up to £9.5 million

A spat over sewage?

A split has emerged in the Manx parliament over how to solve the problem of raw, untreated sewage being pumped into the sea at Peel.

At present, raw waste from the town is drained by gravity to a pumping station on the promenade […]

Committee findings set to be rejected

2022-08-12T15:13:19+01:0015 May 2018|

Tynwald debates report on regional sewage treatment

The findings of a parliamentary committee on the issue of sewerage treatment in the west of the Island are set to be rejected by government today (15 May).

Chaired by Rob Callister MHK, the Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee has made seven recommendations in its report on phase two of […]

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