Rob Callister, MHKTynwald members have to tune into press briefings to find out what the Council of Ministers is up to.

That was the charge levelled by one MHK against the Chief Minister as he outlined the latest moves to ease Covid restrictions.

Gatherings of up to 10 outdoors and up to two visitors inside were allowed from Wednesday in a move announced by Howard Quayle at a press briefing on Monday.

But Rob Callister (Onchan) asked why Tynwald members weren’t briefed first.

He said: ’As an elected member I don’t feel I’m in touch with the information that I need to pass on to my constituents.’

Mr Quayle said a copy of information given out at the press briefing is emailed in advance to all Tynwald members who also get two department briefings a week.

In an urgent question about media access to Covid press briefings, the Chief Minister expressed surprise that Manx Radio listeners had to tune in to the AM frequency to hear the questions from the journalists.

He said: ’I’m no expert but I do wonder how many people still tune into an AM frequency.’

Mr Quayle said the Council of Ministers this week will consider options for the ’evolution’ of the policy on allowing residents to return.

But he said: ’I cannot envisage unhindered access to our island from the UK for some time to come and certainly not until there is a discernible change in the situation over there.’

Chris Robertshaw (Douglas East) suggested emergency regulations were getting ’ever more complex and convoluted’. ’Isn’t it time that CoMin gave up on these endlessly complex regulations and replace them with simple guidance?’

Mr Quayle said he was ’disappointed’ by the comments and the public fully supported the changes made.

Source: IoMToday